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 Guide on pet training, auto attack and item upgrade [By Enkk]

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PostSubject: Guide on pet training, auto attack and item upgrade [By Enkk]   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:29 am

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Update 9 sees the inclusion of the pet training system.

Pets are a store house of abilities to augment their masters powers.

Starting off their training at level 1 they gain experience with you as
you level until they reach level 10. The can have 1 skill per level and
at level 10 they gain a special appearence.

Each level of a pets life they have a slot like an item which you can
augment with astral force abilities. This in essence makes a pet an
accessory to house special skills for your character.

Skill table:

Skill addition is performed at the Core Alchemist NPC and costs alz determined by the level and a single Force Core Highest.

  • Levels 1~5 = 1,000,000 alz
  • Levels 6~8 = 2,000,000 alz
  • Level 9 = 3,000,000 alz
  • Level 10 = 4,000,000 alz

Upgrade Window:

Upon success a random skill from the table above is applied the outcome cannot be pre determined.

Other pet options:

Pet rename card
- Available at the Port Lux Grocer this card costs 100,000,000 alz. A
renamed pet cannot be seen by the apposing nation on war channel/map
they will only see the pet type name for example "Dire Boar" instead of
your pets real name be it "Fluffy" or "Ralph".

Pet sleeping kit - Planned for cash shop, this item will allow you to seal a pet and trade them.

Pet untrain item - This removes the enchants from all slots in a pet.

In Update 9 the way the Autoattack system has changed.

It now automatically uses attack skills on the selected quicklost bar as and when needed.

It will only use basic attack skills from Sword and Magic, it does not automatically heal or use buffs/debuffs.

Incase you have never used the Autoattack feature before, it is located in the options menu pictured below.

Simply enable the feature by checking the tick box.

Example of use:

I have set up 3 skills for my Force Shielder that I will know loop
comfertably, by starting your attack with any skill the game will now
take over and use the skills in the order 1, 2, 3. (You can put the
attack skills anywhere on the quickbar the game will find them)

Skill slot 1:

Skill slot 2:

Skill slot 3:

You will notice that skill 1 has cooled so the game will automatically use skill 1 again.

Skill slot 1:

However if all 3 skills are still on cooldown it will continue looking
on that quickslot bar in numerical order (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, -,
=) for the next available attack skill that is not on cooldown.

If all skills are on cooldown then your character will use normal
attack until one is ready, and when the target is dead the autoattack
stops and you must manually retarget and start the attack cycle again.

Please note: The auto attack skill still works as it did for Battle
Mode 2 and it will not automatically use skills but instead it will
repeat Normal attack for you.

The attacks are not in combo mode and the system does not work with combo mode.

Further more, this system combined with several other features of update 9 are designed to reduce bot use.

This system is designed sepcifically to combat the issues with using
normal attack when coming out of battle mode, it does not auto retarget
and when you retarget you have to manually start attacking again.

note: This is not how a bot works and this feature would not be used in
the creation of such a thing. If you have any doubts about the system
please wait until you have tried it for yourself.

In update 9 you get the change to surpass the item quality limited you are used to.

The upgrade system now includes the ability to upgrade to +9. This is
done at the core alchemists NPC. However new pitfalls await.

NPC Upgrade window:

Stat Increase example:
Example of upgrade success (Increase rate of Defense/Defense rate for item grade upgrade of ��Battle Glove of Proof��)

  • Battle Glove of Proof +1 -> Battle Glove of Proof +2 : Increase Defense +3 / Defense Rate +3
  • Battle Glove of Proof +5 -> Battle Glove of Proof +6: Increase Defense +6 / Defense Rate +6
  • Battle Glove of Proof +6 -> Battle Glove of Proof +7 : Increase Defense +12 / Defense Rate +12
  • Battle Glove of Proof +7 -> Battle Glove of Proof +8 : Increase Defense +3 / Defense Rate +3
  • Battle Glove of Proof +8 -> Battle Glove of Proof +9 : Increase Defense +3 / Defense Rate +3

Item Success rate:

The maximum success rate can be acheived by combining different types
of upgrade cores and extenders, the perfect cores giving the maximum
value of 50%.

No matter how many cores you combine the maximum chance of success is 50% and the minimum fail rate is 25%.

The amount of rate that can be givien depens on the cores quality:
Upgrade Core High = 2% rate
Upgrade Core Highest = 3% rate
Perfect core = Capped at 50%

The fail rate determins if you get an "Item failure" if you do not pass
to upgrade the % chance given determins if you receive a penalty or not.

Item failure:
If you fail to upgrade an item there is a chance you can break it or destroy it depending on the item properties.

Unextended items either remain +7 or become destroyed:

Non extended item:
> Fail > Destroyed
Extended items do not get destroyed totally but they do loose their
extra abilities and become +0 again, they do however retain their
original slots:

Extended item special enchant in 3rd slot:
Extended item special enchant in 2nd slot:
Thanks [GM]Inquisitor
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Guide on pet training, auto attack and item upgrade [By Enkk]
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